Gent has an access regulation in five areas of the city center covering 51 ha.

There are five car-free areas in Gent and three streets that are banned for traffic: Ottogracht, Bargiebrug and the Hippoliet Lippensplein. The combination of the car-free areas and streets ensure that there is no through traffic. The traffic is forced to use the inner ring road to circulate in the city.

пристап регулатива

карта за регулирање на пристапот за Гент Белгијаклуч:

light orange shaded areas: old car-free areas

dark orange shaded areas: new car-free areas

Only the following can get a permit to enter the car-free areas:

- residents of the car-free area with a parking space or a garage

- residents can apply for a visitor's permit

- hotels can apply for guest's permit

- vehicles doing loading

- vehicles for handicapped people

- health care providers

To enter the closed streets Ottogracht, Bargiebrug and Hippoliet Lippensplein, you need a permit.

Go овде for more information on how to get a permit.

Да, се погодени.



If you enter the car-free area without a proper permit you pay a fine of 55 €.

The following need no permit to enter the car-free area:

- такси

- bicycles and mopeds

- garbage collection

- јавен превоз

The closed streets Ottogracht, Bargiebrug and Hippoliet Lippensplein can only be entered by emergency services, public transport, taxis and garbage collection vehicles. The others need a permit.

Loading and unloading is only allowed with a proper permit in area 1 - 4 from 18:00 - 11:00 and in area 5 (Overpoortstraat) from 05:00 - 19:00.

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